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There are three different licences for Bioreactor Design:

Bioreactor icon Single User Licence

Single User Licence

This licence gives you the right to use Bioreactor Design on one computer.


Bioreactor icon Educational Licence

Educational Licence

This licence is only available for schools and universities. It can be used on every computer of the school or university. It cannot be used on home computers of the staff or students. If you want to obtain this version, you must let us know for which school or university you want to obtain this licence,


Bioreactor icon Company Licence

Company Licence

This licence can be used on every computer within one company. The company must be on one address. So a global working company with different sites needs a licence for every site.


It is always possible to upgrade from one type of licence to another type. 
If you want to upgrade, please send us an E-mail:
Bioreactor E-mail icon

You can buy your Bioreactor Design Licence on line, by clicking on the "Buy now" buttons below. In a two steps your order will be taken. After receiving your payment, your registration code will be sent to you within 2 working days.

You can pay your registration on line via PayPal, via the buttons below. 

Other payment methods are possible, e.g. bank transfer, please contact us for more information: Bioreactor E-mail icon

100 Euro for a Single User Licence

180 Euro for an Educational Licence

250 Euro for a Company Licence